The best rehab experience happens when you’re with people who have been where you are.

Our Mission

Discover Recovery strives to provide a life-changing drug and alcohol treatment experience. We’re committed to helping our clients develop a fulfilling life.  We treat the mind, body, and spirit in our holistic treatment program.

Our Addiction Treatment Tracks

Before the intensive work of residential treatment can begin, we’ll help you stop using.  Discover Recovery offers safe, comfortable, medically supervised detox to those who need it.


When you come to Discover Recovery’s residential treatment facility, you’ll have a dedicated team working with you on your behalf.

addiction rehab


Discover Recovery takes pride in our alumni and aftercare services.  We’ll develop an individualized aftercare plan for you.  This way all our graduates can stay close to recovery after leaving treatment.

Why Choose Discover Recovery Rehab?

  • Every Client is part of the Discover Recovery Family.
  • We offer a holistic treatment program to heal the mind, body, and spirit.
  • We’re located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest region of the US.
  • We’ll develop a personalized program for you to follow, during and after treatment.
  • Many of our caring staff members have seen addiction and alcoholism from the inside, and are passionate about helping you get out.

If you want to learn more, call us today!

We’re available by phone 24/7

Our Caring Team

  • Dru Thompson

    “Our clinical staff has an incredible success rate with our clients. With our combined years of experience, you can trust you will be in a safe and healing environment.”

    Dru Thompson
    , Director of Admissions
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