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About Us

The first step towards recovery is always the hardest.   That’s why we always make it a point here at Discover Recovery to be as welcoming as possible. We consider all our clients as family and we make it a point to assist them every step of the way towards their goal of sobriety.  Please learn about us and see our dedication to helping you build a fulfilling life.

The sign at Discover Recovery Treatment Center

Our Team

Discover Recovery has a staff of highly trained and certified professionals handling everything from intake, treatment, management, and discharge. Most of our staff have experience with addiction and recovery, either directly, or through a family member.  That means that from start to finish, all our clients are assisted by real professionals who understand the challenges they’re facing.  Our treatment program is built on compassion, and our team members provide an extremely high degree of individual care so that each client’s needs are met during their stay with us. Click on our photos to learn more about us!

Nichole Crawford

Admissions Coordinator Nichole’s personal experience in Recovery and 5 years of working in a treatment...

Michelle Crawford

Administrative Assistant/HR Director Working in recovery since 2013, Michelle started out as a housekeeper to get...

Suzann Kruse

Physician Assistant, PA Suzann obtained a degree in nursing in 1991 and worked as a...

Charlene Hawley

Clinical Supervisor, CDP Charlene Hawley started her career in Spokane WA. at a co-ed inpatient...

Libby Simmons

Primary Therapist, CDP Libby Simmons is a CDP and has worked in the addiction treatment field for over...

Dru Thompson

Director of Admissions Dru Thompson has been working in the substance abuse treatment field since...

Todd Larson

Head Chef Todd has been in the food service industry for the last 39 years....

Lorrie Brinkerhoff

Executive Director In a world that can bring so much chaos and strife, Lorrie strives...

Teresa Martinolich

Prior to coming to Discover Recovery, Teresa worked in various Emergency Departments as a Registered...

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Holistic Approach

Even from the beginning, the mission of Discover Recovery was to provide people with substance dependence a place where they can develop the skills to build a fulfilling life.

We believe substance dependence isn’t a one-dimensional concern but rather a chronic, progressive, and often fatal disease that affects one’s mind, body, and spirit. Drugs and alcohol affect an entire person and their entire life.  That’s why we offer a holistic approach that combines medicine, psychology, and emotional balance.

Treatment Environment

Our treatment facility is a 40-bed co-ed residential facility located in a coastal village in Long Beach, Washington. We offer 30-90 day programs for clients who want to get away from the clutches of addiction.

In Long Beach, we’re located just a half mile from the ocean coast. We’re surrounded by miles and miles of open beaches, lush state parks, quaint shops, fantastic cuisine, and lodging.

Our area in Washington State features wonderful wild life.

Our Symbol

Discover Recovery is located in Long Beach, Washington.  Long Beach features the oldest working lighthouse in the US.  It notes the point where the Columbia River empties into the Pacific Ocean.

Before this lighthouse was built, ships traveling up the Columbia River to Portland, OR would often collide with sandbars and rocks in the shallows.  They would also frequently miss the entrance to the Columbia River altogether.  In fact, the area was named “Cape Disappointment.”  

But the development of the 53 foot tall lighthouse in 1856 changed navigation in the area.  It was the job of the lighthouse keeper to keep the candles burning all night in case any ships were nearby.  Through rain and storm the light needed constant tending to save the lives of sailors who wisely used its guidance.

Like the lighthouse keeper, we stand ready to save the lives of those who want it.  The landscape can be daunting, and there is a chance of disappointment, but we offer the guidance that can help you find your way to your destination.

Discovery Recovery has staff manning the phones 24/7 waiting to answer your call.

Once you're approved, we can admit you to our facility at any time of day or night.

We even have our own transport on standby for those that may need transportation.

We also provide escort service coupled with our airport or any origin pickup.

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