Basic Tools of Recovery

how to stop using drugs for good

How do you treat drug and alcohol addiction? When it comes to addiction, there isn’t a “one size fits all” method of treatment. Each person who seeks help for substance abuse has their own history, their own story, and their own challenges. So why does it feel like addiction professionals keep suggesting the same few […]

The Holistic Rehab Hype

Equine therapy at holistic rehab: a girl rides a horse in a field

A popular word these days is “holistic.” It sounds nice and brings up visions of art therapy and petting horses. But what exactly is “Holistic Treatment?” Why do so many rehab facilities use the word holistic? Which ones are really offering high quality holistic treatment?

The Best Gift You Can Give

the best gift you can give is a sober you

Everyone wants different gifts for the Holidays. But there is one thing that every one of your family and friends want. And you’re capable of giving it to them.