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Healthy Living Practices

A client’s stay in Discovery Recovery’s treatment facility can last only a couple of months but recovery is more of a lifelong effort. No matter how good the treatment is, if a client does not follow through after their stay they will still find it hard to stay on course towards sobriety. This is the reason why we always make sure to impart healthy living practices to our clients so that they will have a better chance of making it through life without relapsing.

While inside the facility, Discovery Recovery aims to make sure all their clients get used to a healthier lifestyle, This change can be quite challenging for some clients but we try our best to make the transition easier. Here are some practices we are implementing within our facilities:

  1. Healthy eating – When a client is under treatment, it is best to provide him/her with a nutritious meal to support and strengthen them in their road to recovery. Not to mention months if not years of substance abuse can take a toll on one’s body so you need to make up for it. Majority of the people who enter our facility admit that they are not eating as healthy as possible. Others subsist on a diet of take out food and sugary drinks. This can really affect one’s body negatively and staying on this kind of diet will not help you recover. While within the facility, the clients are given healthy food at regular times while urging them to drink as much water as possible. They will also be given vitamin supplements if needed.
  2. Exercise – We consider exercise as a two-pronged solution to address issues of substance abuse. First, it’s a good way to keep your body healthy. Second, it’s a time-consuming activity that keeps the body moving and stops our clients from engaging in destructive behavior. Getting our clients used to a regular exercise routine helps them stick to it even after the treatment.
  3. Stress management – Stress is one of the most common triggers for substance use among our clients. That’s why we offer stress management lessons for our clients undergoing treatment. Some stress management activities we teach include Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Music Therapy, and Crafting.

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