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Holistic and Experiential Activities

Not all therapies in Discovery Recovery require you to sit on a chair for hours inside a boring room. We also have a number of non-traditional therapies available for clients who have issues that are far from traditional.

Holistic Activities

Discovery Recovery understands that in order to combat substance abuse and dependence, one’s body and soul must be free from stress. Our holistic options include massage, yoga, art and music therapy, and non-traditional medicine like acupuncture. All these services aim to provide our clients the peace and relaxation they need to reinvigorate them. In addition to helping you feel supported and at peace, our holistic activities help reduce any stress, anxiety, or pain that the client may feel during the treatment.

Experiential Treatment Activities

They say all work and no fun makes Johnny a dull boy. This is why Discovery Recover provides Experiential Treatment Activities for all our clients. Every once in a while, our team and clients goes on outings for different types of activities. These include rock climbing, fishing, canoeing, hiking, sports, and other stuff. These real-world activities allow our clients to experience life sober and to help them slowly assimilate to society. This helps some clients gain new passions and re-discover old hobbies.

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