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Drug addiction and substance abuse is a problem that many people face daily. Every day, millions of people all over the world fall prey to this chronic disease. However, we are fighting back. With a number of treatment facilities and rehabilitation centers available for patients all over the country, there’s still a chance for people with substance abuse issues.

However, the approach to treatment is where the issues arise. Some focus on medication and others try to stay away from medicine. Preventing someone from using drugs is easy. Just take them to a place where they have zero access to drugs like a rehab or treatment facility, and that’s that. But what happens after the treatment?

That’s why Discovery Recovery offers more than just medication and other forms of treatment for their clients. We have therapy and processes that allow our clients to interact with other people in the facility. Each process group is assigned a licensed professional, and the participants are selected based on foundation and goals. One client may join different process groups on their stay in the facility.

A process group is a way for us to make the clients feel that they are not alone in their battle. That there are other people like them facing their demons. This allows them to interact more and be more open about their situation. We understand that opening up to other people and being more open in a social setting is a necessary step in rehabilitation. The open lines of communication and breakdown of denial become the foundation of a reliable support network that comes from people who understand their pain.

A normal meeting in a process group does not necessarily have an agenda or topic. It’s a free-talk kind of meeting where they can share just about anything they experienced in or outside of the facility. This doesn’t have to be related to their current condition. Nobody is forced to talk or share unless they want to. However, voicing certain issues is highly encouraged for the group to acknowledge and assist anybody who might be experiencing difficulties.

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