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Pscyho Educational Groups

While group therapies and process therapies can be nonspecific groups of people suffering from substance abuse, we offer specific groups for people who are also suffering from another type of disorder aside from drug oralcohol addiction.

A psychoeducational group focuses mainly on the disorders a patient is suffering from and how to cope with them. Most psychoeducational groups include participants suffering from the same diagnosis. This way, our clients feel they truly belong as they are with people who share their pain and see the world the same way as they do.

The majority of people suffering from substance abuse are in denial of their condition. A psychoeducational group moderated by a trained professional helps them by becoming a channel for them to discuss their problems and share their issues with the people in the group.

Victims of substance abuse may also be diagnosed with underlying psychological andemotional issues. These issues may contribute to the problem, so addressing them is the first step in the road toward sobriety. Some of the common issues tackled in psychoeducational groups include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trust issues
  • Common triggers
  • Medications for support
  • Types of addictions
  • Stress
  • Relationships

When a client in the group has the same issues as them, they begin to create a strong support group for each other as they understand the situation of other people in the group. They share stories both happy and sad. They give advice and often take advice from others, including the moderator, to handle their issues properly.

An open line of communication is necessary so clients feel like they belong and also for them to build intrapersonal and other social skills. Combining a psychoeducational group session with one-on-one sessions can help clients face their problems head-on toward the road to sobriety.

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