Before the intensive work of residential treatment can begin, all of the toxins built up with the abuse of drugs and alcohol need to be removed from the body. Long-term drug use produces excess toxins when the amount is too much for the liver to process. The methodologies we offer at Discover Recovery begin the detoxification process so we can access a clearer mindset. Each client will feel supported, safe, and as comfortable as possible during the transition into recovery.

Drug and alcohol detoxification are the first steps in recovery, yet fear of withdrawal is one of the biggest obstacles in the recovery process. At Discover Recovery, we assist clients in drug and alcohol detox and help them overcome their fear, safely and comfortably. The first few days of detoxification are often the hardest, but by providing a safe and comfortable environment to begin the recovery process, risk of relapse or leaving treatment can be mitigated.

When an individual arrives in our drug and alcohol detoxification program, the professional and caring staff will provide a full medical evaluation to confirm the need for detox. If detoxification services are required, you will begin a personalized and medically supervised drug and alcohol detox program where you are monitored around the clock for safety, comfort, and the reduction of withdrawal symptoms.

Through our treatment programs, we keep our clients safe and comfortable as they withdraw from chemical dependency.

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